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Quality instruction by an Internationally licensed instructor with a background in education:

BS Peabody College, Vanderbilt University;
MEd, University of Georgia.
EdS, University of Georgia
Doctor of Education, University of Georgia 1983

Benefits of our program:

⦁    International Dan (Black Belt) Ranking for qualified students
⦁    International Dojo (School) and Instructor Certification
⦁    Academic Focus—International Curriculum
⦁    Opportunities for International Travel and Training
⦁    Strength and balance training
⦁    Self Defense training

⦁    Opportunities for sports competitions at the local, national, and international levels. (Competition is encouraged but not required.)
⦁    Reduced stress through physical training
⦁    Increased awareness and perception of the martial arts world
⦁    A safe and clean training environment
⦁    An established and stable karate school in the Newnan area since 1977


Rules and Expectations

While we teach the physical skills of Wado Ryu karate all students need to learn the mental skills associated with authentic karate-do as well. These include:

At the NEWNAN KARATE CENTER we focus not only on the physical aspects of karate, but we also strive to build and strengthen character. We focus on six core traits: 

We are insistent that our students learn to control their behavior and responses to provocations, and use their skills only in self-preservation, and never to settle a quarrel. At the Newnan Karate Center belts are not issued, they are earned. We use a balanced set of criteria in which students are judged not just on physical skills, which are limited by age and physical maturity, but also on mental skills acquired in training. 
However, belt rankings and skill acquisition are secondary issues that should be considered when enrolling in any Martial Art school. What should be of primary importance are the benefits derived from training in any particular school. 

Head Instructor

Dr. Tom Kosslow - 8th Degree Black Belt

Sensei Kosslow has over 54 years of experience in the Martial Arts. He is a WIKF World Technical Committee member, Chief Instructor and sits on the Board of Directors of the USA branch of WIKF, and Senior Wado Advisor to the Shudokan Martial Arts Association. Dr. Kosslow is a veteran of the US Air Force and a retired Elementary School Principal.


Assistant Instructor

Andrea Knoll - 3rd Degree Black Belt

Andrea Knoll has over eighteen years of experience. She also functions as the Newnan Karate Center Team Coach. She is a USA Karate certified official and the winner of a bronze medal in world competition. She is a certified teacher in the Coweta County School System.

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